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DANA Black Currant Diabetic Spread

₹ 320.00
Size : 315g Description : Dana BlackCurrant Jam will help you enjoy the sweetness of the jam and yet control your blood sugar levels as well as weight. This jam, when compared to others, has half the amount of calories and hence is great for diabetics and weight watchers! It...

Dana Diabetic Strawberry 315gm

₹ 320.00
Strawberry Jam is a temptation we all find hard to resist. But with Dana’s Strawberry Diabetic Jam, there’s no need to resist. It’s absolutely sugar free, so you can indulge your taste buds without worrying about high sugar levels. Retaining the natural benefits of strawberries, this is definitely an exquisite...

Dana Giabetic Raspberry 315gm

₹ 320.00
Raspberry jam is a fruity spread, perfectly sweet even without sugar. This spread is prepared from pure raspberry extracts. It is a jam close to real berries. As the berries, it is a rich source of nutrients and screams berrylicious flavor of raspberry. It is a perfect jam for diabetic...

DANA Mixed Fruit Diabetic Spread

₹ 320.00
Size : 315g Description : Delicious in taste and hygienically processed, this Jam from Dana will surely appease your taste buds. 1. It is perfect for breakfasts or snack-time. 2. You can get this mouth-watering jam from Diabetic Shop at the best prices. Features: Type: Jams Country Of Origin: Denmark...

Darbo Appricot

₹ 0.00
TDS item Code :  TDS1340 Weight : 662g Source :- Domestic  

Darbo diabetic Jams Orange

₹ 0.00
TDS item Code :  TDS1197 Weight : 662g Source :- Domestic

Darbo Diabetic Jams strawberry

₹ 0.00
TDS item Code :  TDS1198 Weight : 662g Source :- Domestic

Darbo Diet orange Diabetic jam

₹ 49.00
Description : D’arbo Reform Orange Fruit Spread With Sweetener is made from the old family recipe, from carefully chosen and processed fruits, and is gently heated in special vacuum cookers to keep its nutritional value and natural aroma.  The product contains only natural sugars from fruit, therefore it is recommended...

Darbo Diet strawberry Diabetic jam

₹ 49.00
Product description : Diabetic Strawberry Preserve - mini jar - 1 oz x 60 pcs (1 case) by D'arbo, Austria. Darbo's diet sugar free jams use sorbitol in place of crystal sugar. The result is up to 40% fewer calories but with 100% taste. A careful selection of high quality...

Fifty50 Spread/Jam blackbery

₹ 0.00
TDS item code : TDS1394  Case Size : 12 Super fruit meets delicious spread! Enjoyed by diabetics, Fifty50 Blackberry Spread has no added sugar. Happy tummy, what a treat! Low calorie (90% less calories than regular preserves) Low sugar (75% less sugar than other preserves) Low carbohydrates (just 4g of...

Fifty50 Spread/Jam grape

₹ 0.00
TDS item code : TDS1395  Case Size : 12 10 calories per serving Sugar free For use in a low glycemic diet Kosher Ingredients: Water, Sorbitol, Natural Grape Color, Citric Acid, Gellan Gum, Xanthan Gum, Natural And Artificial Grape Flavor, Aspartame, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Sodium Benzoate (Preservative). Contains...

Fifty50 Spread/Jam Orange Marmalade

₹ 0.00
TDS item code : TDS1392  Case Size : 12 Low Calorie 80% Less Calories than Regular Marmalade For Use in a Low Glycemic Diet NutraSweet Brand Sweetener Fifty 50 Orange Marmalade Spread contains 10 calories per serving compared with regular marmalade which has 50 calories. Ingredients : Water, sorbitol, orange...


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