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Jiwa Atta - Blood Pressure Care 1 kg

₹ 99.00
TDS Item Code : TDS1548 Size : 1kg Sehori Sharbati Whole Wheat Natural Banana Powder Toasted Oats Toasted Wheat Germ Toasted Flax Seeds 

Jiwa Atta - Fitness 1 kg

₹ 99.00
TDS Item Code : TDS1550 Size : 1kg Natural and healthy way to drop a size Help manage weight burn fat and curb appetite Sehori Sharbati Whole Wheat Quinoa Rajgira / Amaranth Chickpeas Toasted Wheat Germ Sea Salt

Jiwa Atta - Gluten Free 1 kg

₹ 99.00
TDS Item Code : TDS1551 Size : 1kg Rice & Jowari Toasted Soybeans & Tapioca Gaur Gum & Sea Salt Skimmed Milk Powder Sand Puffed Bengal Gram

Jiwa Atta - Nutra Multi Grain 1 kg

₹ 60.00
TDS Item Code : TDS1553, Size : 1Kg. Description : All the human body really needs to stay healthy is balanced nutrition. Our recipe contains foods that deliver a complete set of nutrients in exacting proportions, making Jiwa Multigrain a better replacement to your regular, everyday atta.

Jiwa Atta - Nutra Soya 1 kg

₹ 99.00
TDS Item Code : TDS1554 Size : 1kg Description : Jiwa Nutra Soya Atta contains high quality, protein - rich soybean. It is blend of Soybeans, Wheat Kernels & Toasted Wheat Germ to make it a healthier & tastier. Sehori Sharbati Whole Wheat Toasted Wheat Germ Toasted Soybean Sea Salt...

Jiwa Atta - Nutra Thepla 1 kg

₹ 99.00
TDS Item Code : TDS1555, Size : 1Kg. Description : Methi theplas are an all time favorite at home. Fom the kitchens of Gujrat, Jiwa’s Thepla recipe is a blend of wheat, besan, kasuri methi & traditional spices to make the best thepla we can. Think of it as our...

Jiwa Atta - Probiotic Chakki Fresh 1 kg

₹ 60.00
TDS Item Code : TDS1556 Size : 1Kg. Description : Jiwa Probiotic Chakki Fresh atta contains the finest wheat pearls sourced from the Sehore farmer community in Madhya Pradesh. Our kitchens blend the wheat kernels with toasted wheat germ & Probiotics to make a healthier, tastier everyday atta. These Probiotics...

Jiwa Atta - Slimming 1 kg

₹ 99.00
TDS Item Code : TDS1557 Size :1kg Description : Control unwanted weight with this Slimming 1 kg Atta pack. Brought to you by Jiwa, a well known Indian brand, the atta speeds up metabolism, burns fat and curbs appetite, thus making you slim and fit. Crafted from natural ingredients like...

Jiwa Atta Diabetic Care 1kg pack

₹ 99.00
TDS item code : TDS1549, Sehori Sharbati Whole Wheat Dicoccum Wheat & Sea Salt Fenugreek Seeds Toasted Flax Seeds & Natural Guvar Phali Powder Sand Puffed Bengal Gram Blended specially for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics.Jiwa’s Diabetic Care recipe is a better, everyday replacement to regular atta for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics. Our...

Jiwa atta-Multi grain

₹ 99.00
TDS Item Code : TDS1553, Size : 1Kg. Description : The body needs 'balanced nutrition' to stay fit & healthy. Jiwa's Multigrain recipe is a better, everyday replacement to regular atta. Our trained nutritionists & chefs have carefully chosen foods to include a complete set of nutrients. INGREDIENTS Sharbati Whole Wheat...

Jiwa Oats- Flour 550gm

₹ 99.00
TDS Item Code : TDS1559, Size :550g. Description : Bursting with natural goodness, Jiwa 'Oats Flour' is a stone-ground variety. A kitchen staple, it mixes easily with chapatti atta & other flour recipes, is used in home baking and makes a really crunchy crumble topping. Ingredients :Oats.  

Jiwa Oats- Instant 500gm

₹ 95.00
TDS item Code : TDS1558 Size :500gm Description : As they arrive at Jiwa, our Oats are cleaned and processed inhouse to make the finest wholegrain variety. Jiwa 'Jumbo Oats' are rich in fibre and ideal for making a good, thick porridge with a more pronounced texture. They have a...


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