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Darbo Appricot

₹ 0.00
TDS item Code :  TDS1340 Weight : 662g Source :- Domestic  

Darbo diabetic Jams Orange

₹ 0.00
TDS item Code :  TDS1197 Weight : 662g Source :- Domestic

Darbo Diabetic Jams strawberry

₹ 0.00
TDS item Code :  TDS1198 Weight : 662g Source :- Domestic

Darbo Diet orange Diabetic jam

₹ 49.00
Description : D’arbo Reform Orange Fruit Spread With Sweetener is made from the old family recipe, from carefully chosen and processed fruits, and is gently heated in special vacuum cookers to keep its nutritional value and natural aroma.  The product contains only natural sugars from fruit, therefore it is recommended...

Darbo Diet strawberry Diabetic jam

₹ 49.00
Product description : Diabetic Strawberry Preserve - mini jar - 1 oz x 60 pcs (1 case) by D'arbo, Austria. Darbo's diet sugar free jams use sorbitol in place of crystal sugar. The result is up to 40% fewer calories but with 100% taste. A careful selection of high quality...


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