As per a report, India is the diabetes capital of the world! However, if you are still not sure what diabetes is all about; it is a disease that occurs when the level of blood sugar in our body is too high.

Blood sugar is the main source of energy for our body and it is produced from the food we eat. Over time high blood sugar leads to many severe problems such as - heart diseases, eye problems, kidney problems, dental problems, and nerve damage and the like.

Thus, in order to keep your diabetes health under control, it is highly recommended to consume sugar-free products such as diabetic friendly beverages, diabetic friendly food, diabetic sweetener and other diabetic friendly essentials. The good news is that you can now buy all these products online in India at The Diabetic Shop.

In addition to consuming diabetes friendly products, here are a few steps that you can adopt and keep your diabetes under control:

  • Don't Smoke

Smoking increases the risk of being affected by many severe diseases and problems like reduced blood flow in the legs and feet, heart disease, stroke etc. So to avoid such circumstances, stop smoking as it is very hazardous for our body.

  • Keep a check on your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Like diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure should be kept under control because when these three conditions team up, they may result in heart attack, stroke and others. In order to avoid it, it is highly recommended to prepare a proper diet chart with the help of your dietitian and consume the prescribed diabetic foods strictly. Eat healthy food and at the proper time.

  • Make Physical Exercise a part of your daily routine

Physical exercise is important for every individual and not only for those who are suffering from diabetes. By doing physical activity you feel fresh and healthy. For a diabetic patient, exercise is important because it keeps the blood pressure and cholesterol under control which in turn prevents you from other diseases.

  • Timely Medication

All the diabetic patients should make a note to themselves to never miss a prescribed medicine and to take it timely.

Keep the above-mentioned pointers in mind and stay healthy and keep your diabetic health under control!